Start ESL Racing Series MAPFRE!

Start ESL Racing Series MAPFRE!

Virtual drivers, your team needs you more than ever. You will be in charge of getting one of the 18 places that are in play in this qualifying phase, to access and compete in the regular phase that will start in January. We are talking about the competition that offers the biggest prize among national teams to date; and this Sunday, 4th November, the engines start.

On the following lines, you can read how works this first qualifying phase:

  • There will be 6 dates, in the next 6 Sundays, with a server open during 24h to do fast laps(from 00.00h until 23.59h)
  • In each date, only the 2 best times marked by pilots of the same team will be taken into account
  • There will be no limit of drivers per team to try to do fast laps
  • With the sum of both best times, there will be a general ranking by teams in each date
  • TOP 3 will get one of the 18 places for the regular league

To clarify any doubt, take note of the following points:

  • No team, once classified, cannot sign-up again or register a second team; it will be discarded
  • A driver who has been valid to qualify a team, cannot play for another team in this qualifying phase
  • A team and their drivers who couldn’t qualify for a date, they can participate in the following date until qualify

This championship will have the experience of the MundoGT commissaires as administrators, who will watch over the good performance of tournament.

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Can a driver who does not reside in Spain participate?
Yes. As long as it complies with the regulations and its connection does not present problems. In case of reaching the final offline, Spanish drivers will have their expenses paid, but not in the case of foreign players.

If I do not belong to any team, can I participate?
No, you must belong to any team to participate or your hotlaps not be valid.

If as driver I do hotlaps for a team after, I can compete with another?
A driver can only belong to one team during all qualifying phase.
The classified teams must register to their drivers for the regular league, who may be distinct to the qualifying phase. At that time, any driver may belong to any of the classified teams to participate in the championship, not being able to play after in a race for another team.

If the sum of times of two drivers get a place for regular and then these drivers change teams, do they get the place for your new team?
The places belong to the teams, not at drivers. If the drivers leave, the place will continue to be for the team which they obtained it.

I have many pilots, can I register and participate with more than one team?
No. This championship is designed for that all the teams that participate in it are totally independent. If the organization detects any irregularity, there will be harsh penalties.

When can I see rulebook for the online phase?
The rulebook will be published before the start of the regular league in January. We anticipate that it will consist of 6 races in January and February, there will be a minimum and maximum number of drivers per team.

When will we know how to access the server to classify, as well as the car and circuit in which it will take place?
The way to access the server, as well as the chosen car and circuit, will be revealed in the coming days. You will all be informed at the same time, via email and/or ESL platform.