Chronicle of first qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Chronicle of first qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Starting gun for this ESL Racing Series MAPFRE. On Sunday, 4th November, the first of six qualifiers took place, which will decide and make up the grid of 18 teams that will play the regular phase in 2019, which promises to be 6 exciting races.

For this qualifying phase, the teams must send to their drivers to rFactor2 server where they can mark hotlaps during 24h. The sum of the times of the 2 fastest drivers of each team will be what determines the order of these teams. The 3 teams with the best time will get one of the 18 places.

In this first try, the following teams have been classified:

With third best time, Team Guanaco, founded by the Peruvian Nico Barclay and the Spanish Borja Millán. Thanks to the time of this latter (1:33.761) and also of his teammate Dennis Jordan (1:33.694), in addition this German driver was also third in the general classification.

In second place, MSI eSports has entered with strength, since half of the 10 Spaniards that we saw in the TOP 25 belonged to this team. The times that have earned him to get into the regular phase have been the Sevillian Víctor Lobato (1:33.777) and Alejandro Sánchez (1:33.622) from Madrid, the best time in Spain and second in the general of this first qualifier.

Those who have honored to his name were Alien Performance, a newly created team; marking the seventh fastest time overall by his founder, the Irishman Kevin Ryan (1:33.767). Also there are another Spanish in this team, rFactor veteran Alejandro López. But the fastest of all was the new and recent champion of the McLaren Shadow competition, demonstrating his hegemony in rFactor 2, the Portuguese Nuno Pinto, with a time that will be a reference, «1:33.558».

This Sunday, a new assault, and many asphalt gladiators have reserved and prepared for this date, so we will be very attentive to the surprises that may occur, on the Finnish track «Botniaring» with the Radical SR3-RSX.

And you? What are you waiting for? You are still in time to participate…

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