Chronicle of second qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Chronicle of second qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

ESL Racing Series MAPFRE has started and is gearing up quickly. Last Sunday it was second qualifier, of total six will be. Remember 18 teams will form the grid of regular stage in January 2019 will be classified.

Drivers faced again rFactor 2 server, where finnish circuit of Botniaring, recently included in the game, was waiting for them, but now surely is known by heart already. After 24 hours, making sum of 2 best drivers of each team, we reach the new 3 finalists who have earned their place in the best possible.

In this second round, the following teams have been classified:

In third position, new spanish team, Vodafone Giants. With two drivers with best resume you can find in Spain, Aday Coba (1:33.688) from Tenerife, and the galician Pablo López, with a great time (1:33.613) he made the best of the spaniards in this round; both manage to place Vodafone Giants among the 18 chosen for the regular stage.

Second best time for Team Vires, a veteran esports team competing since 2011 in other games, and also with simracing team, exclusively for rFactor 2. At the moment this team has only two pilots, but they are very fast. Hany Alsabti (1:33.532) and Erhan Jajovski (1:33.627), classified as 3rd and 5th respectively in the general classification, managed to get their team in the 2019 championship on their second attempt.

Definitely the best in this second round, scoring the fastest 2 laps, it have been the austrian team Veles SimSport, with Joonas Raivio who has set best overall time so far (1:33.414). We are not sure if knowing circuit in real life it was helpful to him since he is also from Finland. His dutch teammate Yuri Kasdorp has been very close to accompany him at the top of this second qualifier (1:33.451) just 38 milesimas difference.

As you can see, things are tightening and everything points that each qualifier is going to become more demanding for participant drivers, who are getting to know the layout better and, above all, the settings they must make to their car. Radical SR3-RSX is giving more play than it seemed at first.

We must also consider that strongest rivals are taking spots, letting spaces for others, as in this case two classics of the international simracing scene such as Vires and Veles, also very specialized in rFactor 2. There are four qualifiers left and 12 places still waiting to be occupied by best teams!

And you? What are you waiting for? You are still in time to participate…

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