Chronicle of third qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Chronicle of third qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

We reached middle of qualifying stage for ESL Racing Series MAPFRE, and although it may seem difficult, hotlaps continue getting better to unsuspected limits. There are still 3 appointments ahead, and many candidates have been reserved and are waiting to jump on track. With the last 3 teams of this week, there are only half of spots left for the 2019 grid, it is only left to know who will be the last 9 racing teams.

As always, after 24 hours of laps and times, Botniaring stops having secrets and the drivers are taking full advantage. Several teams that at first had not much knowledge about car settings in rFactor 2, almost being a new simulator for many of them, they have been climbing positions from the first qualifier to this last and third for now.

These have been the teams that have had the fastest couple of drivers of the day:

More spaniards on the grid as a couple that had been literally on the doorstep of qualifying in the previous test, has now achieved it. It is no other than RFC1SPAIN with Taras Pryshlyak, 1:33.476 has marked the spanish-ukrainian driver, followed by his teammate Fernando Álvarez (1:33.522) being 6th and 7th respectively in this general classification.

Another country with a great history in motorsports is Italy. And now, they already have their representatives in this championship with Musto Racing that only 2 drivers have qualified, but surely the rest of the members will join their squad to face 2019 challenge. They have been competing in rFactor 2 several years. It has been Muhammed Patel (1:33.399) and Michele D’Alessandro (1:33.402) who have achieved it. With them the grill takes more color. Congratulazioni!

And for the first time in these qualifiers, a spanish team has been the fastest one. It was World of Simracing Team. Jordi San Andrés, currently competing in the Valencian Karting Championship in real life, has shown that he has speed in his veins, not only scoring best time of this third qualifier, but the best hotlap to date, with a 1:33.183. But he alone could not have got the place without José Berenguer, just two tenths more «slow» with a 1:33.393. Without a doubt, all the teamwork has had its reward and they will be celebrating it, since they were eager to participate in this championship, as great fans of rFactor 2.

We had warned that the qualifiers would keep squeezing, and we were right. But beware cause there are still several powerful teams that we have not seen them score times, and that’s because preparation is key, and nobody likes to lose, even as a attemp, and they pretend to do it at first time.

Only half, 3 qualifiers ahead, we can see it live next Sunday November 25th, December 2nd and December 16th on the YouTube channel of Movistar eSports. Do not miss it!

And you? What are you waiting for? You are still in time to participate…

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