Chronicle of fourth qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Chronicle of fourth qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Fourth qualifying round of the ESL Racing Series MAPFRE, again with extreme competitive, and the options for those teams not yet classified are already reduced to two, next Sunday 2nd and Sunday 16th December. For the first time, stewards had to act on their own initiative, since several pilots, up to 8 participants, have been deleted from the top by riding through the grass on the warm-up lap before starting to make hot lap time, something that had not happened in previous qualifiers, where all the fastest laps had been revised.

There is one turn that is giving a lot to talk about in the virtual paddock, is the turn 8 after fast chicane, but remember in that case is rFactor 2 itself in charge for determining whether it is legal or not, and truth is that faster laps so far, have not been opened beyond the lines or cones on the left side of the track, so it is not necessary do that to score a very good time.

These have been the teams that have had the fastest couple of drivers of the day:

Going to qualified teams, we start with ASM Motorsport Simracing that after several attempts of many of its pilots, they achieved in the best way, getting into the TOP3. They have earned it spot thanks to Juan Carlos Fernández González (1:33.421) and Alejandro Enamorado (1:33.710), a regular guy of the TOP. Another spanish team of recent creation but that aims very good manners. From classification stage to the regular championship things will change a lot.

Others who had tried it in all the previous qualifiers, with a great variety and number of drivers, were the german team ACR Zakspeed with the validated times of Adam Pinczes (1:33.363) and Michi Hoyer (1:33.382) who is also one of the the owners and founder. This team emerged a year ago from the union of the Avid Chronic Racing virtual team with great experience in simracing and one of the legendary teams in the world motorsport such as Zakspeed; in the 80th it was the only F1 team, besides Ferrari, which completely built his car, and where have passed great drivers like Michael Schumacher. If they participate in the ESL Racing Series MAPFRE, it is with the aim of winning it.

And with the fastest sum of times of the fourth qualifier, new italian team NetRex Grand Prix, but in this case they are so far from “new” since they are celebrating their 20th anniversary, a whole veteran team created in 1998 when the simracing did not exist and as we know now. We will see if they are up to the task. Those who have been so far have been Daniel Kiss having fastest 6th time of this test with a 1:33.477 (but faster than Nuno Pinto, P1 in Q1) and the Croatian driver Petar Brljak that had scored times for EDGE Esports in past qualifiers, this time with his transfer in order, has been the fastest with 1:33.170 achieving the classification of his current team.

We are still waiting for a hot lap of 32″, only two last appointments, in which only the bravest will continue fighting, since many have give up and have stayed out the road, but waiting with big desire for the moment to come of the races to admire and enjoy the driving skills of the best.

We remind you that if you are going to participate time to put a good «skin» on your car, you will probably appear in one of live connections of this Sunday 2nd of the fifth qualifier, or in the special of the last appointment on Sunday 16th. All in the Youtube channel of Movistar eSports. Excitement, will not be missing, until the last place is given.

And you? What are you waiting for? You are still in time to participate…

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