Chronicle of fifth qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Chronicle of fifth qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Qualifier before the last of the ESL Racing Series MAPFRE, and there are only 3 spots left to be assigned next day 16th. Extra week of training to find the tenths that drivers are missing. Finally we have seen barrier of 1:33 broken, but it has been by the minimum.

Since most of the fastest drivers are already in the competition, now in the last test it may be the moment for all those who have been trying for weeks when they will have their chance to get in. In the previous qualifier stewards invalidated up to 8 hotlaps, this time there was only one hotlap invalidated by circulating through the grass on the warm-up lap, but it has meant that his team didn’t make it.

We are already going to introduce the 3 new classified teams, who despite having qualified in this fifth attempt, will undoubtedly be strong candidates to consider for the regular phase that will start on January 25th:

When it seemed more difficult, ODOX Motorsport has achieved what it was looking for from the first day. With spaniard Jesús Sicilia at the front, scoring 1:33.110 and with his portuguese teammate Ricardo Ferreira who beat his personal record until 1:33.436, despite being 5th and 11th respectively, sum of his times has been enough to get this spot. ODOX is a spanish simracing team, it was second classified in the 24 Hours of Simracing in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and they have presence in major international competitions.

Those who have also proved to be a great team appearing every week in the TOP has been EDGE Esports. Founded in 2012, they have their headquarters in Belgium and their core values are captured in our slogan: “simracing on the edge of adhesion”. Some simdrivers have also real motorsport experience. Kevin Siggy, ex Positive Simracing driver, has led times of this team in this qualifier stage. The slovenian was the 3rd in the general scoring a 1:33.002, accompanied by the greek Jim Parisis with a 1:33.237 in 6th place, they have obtained this place for EDGE.

And it was not first attempt, but almost, WILLIAMS Esports, the virtual section of the legendary British racing team, enters the championship with style, with its pair of polish drivers, Kuba Brzezinski and Nikodem Wisniewski, qualifying as 2nd and 4th. respectively. Brzezinski also managed to get into the time of 1:32.999 (only to lose 33′ along with the 1st that was Alessandro Fantinati with 1:33.947). The level that awaits us in the ESL Racing Series MAPFRE begins to give real fear.

Congratulations to the 3 new teams! There is a week of rest, that without a doubt many teams will try to take advantage of continue working in the adjustment and settings of the car, that is being one of the important parts of the test. Actually is a skill that must show the teams facing regular stage, as they will have to face 6 races with 6 different cars.

Soon the clouds will be cleared and the sun will shy over real competition, in thrilling races with best drivers. By now, you could enjoy last live connection on Sunday 16th of the very last qualifier, on Youtube channel of Movistar eSports. Only 3 spots, thrill is assured.

And you? What are you waiting for? You are still in time to participate…

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