Chronicle of sixth qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Chronicle of sixth qualifier on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE

Finally; qualifying stage of this first ESL Racing Series MAPFRE is already concluded. This has only been an appetizer, and now come the starters before the main course that will be served on Friday, January 25th with first inaugural race, which will be very special.

Without losing more time, let’s meet teams that will complete this demanding grid:

Last spanish team, ARMY Racing Team has been an example of perseverance. Due to Carlos Quilez and Gio Cortese, who was the only spaniard down 33′ with his 1:32.863, they have made possible the celebration within their team; will be one of those that register the maximum of 8 allowed pilots. The most important esports clubs in Spain, are introducing little by little in this world of simracing.

As second classified team in this last opportunity, we have ATR Team Brask. Danish team, passionate about virtual motorsport; and like many, very involved in the real field. Its drivers Kamil Pawlowski (1:33.844) and Manuel Biancolilla (1:32.876) appear for the first time in the competition, and we will also enjoy their piloting from January.

And be aware for the italians, who come to conquest ESL Racing MAPFRE. In first position, there were no surprises, and this attempt without incident the GSR Simracing Center (great friends of Musto Racing) will also be present with 3 amazing drivers: Giordano Valeriano, David Greco and Alessandro Fantinati. These last 2 have rolled in 32.7 and 32.6. Congratulazione!

We already know who are the 18 best teams, which we will soon introduce you so that you can get to know a little more.

Next appointment for the team and drivers will be the «Media Day» to be held on January 12th-13th, where they can also meet and know each other, because the virtual is also very real, and with MAPFRE the thrill is assured. Six excitement races are coming! What a championship! Can’t wait!