Meet MSI eSports

Meet MSI eSports

It is the official virtual team of the Motor Sports Institute center of Teo Martín. This team is specialized in iRacing, although the great talent of its young pilots makes them be at the highest level in any simulator, as they have shown on more occasions.

We going to remember as was his performance in the first qualifier:

In second place, MSI eSports has entered with strength, since half of the 10 Spaniards that we saw in the TOP 25 belonged to this team. The times that have earned him to get into the regular phase have been the Sevillian Víctor Lobato (1:33.777) and Alejandro Sánchez (1:33.622) from Madrid, the best time in Spain and second in the general of this first qualifier.

And here his presentation profile:

MSI eSports
Alejandro Sánchez
Víctor Lobato
Time Q1