Meet Vodafone GIANTS

Meet Vodafone GIANTS

This team is one of the oldest sports clubs in Spain, has a simracing section since June and is present in a large part of the market simulators. They arrive very hungry to this championship after having achieved several podiums in other competitions in recent months.

We going to remember as was his performance in the second qualifier:

In third position, new spanish team, Vodafone GIANTS. With two drivers with best resume you can find in Spain, Aday Coba (1:33.688) from Tenerife, and the galician Pablo López, with a great time (1:33.613) he made the best of the spaniards in this round; both manage to place Vodafone Giants among the 18 chosen for the regular stage.

And here his presentation profile:

Vodafone GIANTS
Pablo López
Aday Coba
Time Q2