Meet World of SimRacing Team

Meet World of SimRacing Team

Simulation fanatics, a spanish group that mixes experience with young talents. It is the sports structure that represents World Of Simracing, news portal of simracing in Spanish. They are enrolled in national and international championships.

We going to remember as was his performance in the third qualifier:

And for the first time in these qualifiers, a spanish team has been the fastest one. It was World of Simracing Team. Jordi San Andrés, currently competing in the Valencian Karting Championship in real life, has shown that he has speed in his veins, not only scoring best time of this third qualifier, but the best hotlap to date, with a 1:33.183. But he alone could not have got the place without José Berenguer, just two tenths more “slow” with a 1:33.393. Without a doubt, all the teamwork has had its reward and they will be celebrating it, since they were eager to participate in this championship, as great fans of rFactor 2.

And here his presentation profile:

World of SimRacing Team
Jordi San Andrés
José Berenguer
Time Q3