Meet Musto Racing

Meet Musto Racing

First Italian team to get his place for ESL Racing MAPFRE. They have been competing locally since 2010. Drivers are very used to compete in formula, we will see how they adapt to other categories of vehicles that will be in this competition.

We going to remember as was his performance in the third qualifier:

Another country with a great history in motorsports is Italy. And now, they already have their representatives in this championship with Musto Racing that only 2 drivers have qualified, but surely the rest of the members will join their squad to face 2019 challenge. They have been competing in rFactor 2 several years. It has been Muhammed Patel (1:33.399) and Michele D’Alessandro (1:33.402) who have achieved it. With them the grill takes more color.

And here his presentation profile:

Musto Racing
Muhammed Patel
Michele D'Alessandro
Time Q3