Meet DriveX e-Sports

Meet DriveX e-Sports

They have reached an agreement with the pair of drivers that got the place under the name of «RFC1«; DriveX, is a Spanish (real) team, founded in 2003 by Pedro de la Rosa and Miguel Ángel de Castro. They also have an academy where engineers and mechanics are trained. And now, with the know-how of Euphoria, they are also present in the simracing.

We going to remember as was his performance in the third qualifier:

More spaniards on the grid as a couple that had been literally on the doorstep of qualifying in the previous test, has now achieved it. It is no other than RFC1SPAIN with Taras Pryshlyak, 1:33.476 has marked the spanish-ukrainian driver, followed by his teammate Fernando Álvarez (1:33.522) being 6th and 7th respectively in this general classification.

And here his presentation profile:

DriveX e-Sports
Taras Pryshlyak
Fernando Álvarez
Time Q3