Meet NetRex Grand Prix

Meet NetRex Grand Prix

Italian-Dutch team of great tradition, so much that they have celebrated their twentieth anniversary this year. It has been one of the most successful teams of the first era of simracing. Great simdrivers as Bono Huis or Greger Huttu have been part of this team.

We going to remember as was his performance in the fourth qualifier:

And with the fastest sum of times of the fourth qualifier, new italian team NetRex Grand Prix, but in this case they are so far from “new” since they are celebrating their 20th anniversary, a whole veteran team created in 1998 when the simracing did not exist and as we know now. We will see if they are up to the task. Those who have been so far have been Daniel Kiss having fastest 6th time of this test with a 1:33.477 (but faster than Nuno Pinto, P1 in Q1) and the Croatian driver Petar Brljak that had scored times for EDGE Esports in past qualifiers, this time with his transfer in order, has been the fastest with 1:33.170 achieving the classification of his current team.

And here his presentation profile:

NetRex Grand Prix
Petar Brljak
Daniel Kiss
Time Q4