Meet ACR Zakspeed

Meet ACR Zakspeed

This team emerged a year ago from Avid Chronic Racing virtual team with great experience in virtual racing, fusioned with one of the legendary teams in world motorsport such as Zakspeed, a 80th F1 team, which was completely built his car, and where have passed great drivers like Michael Schumacher. If they are in ESL Racing Series MAPFRE, it is with the aim of winning it.

We going to remember as was his performance in the fourth qualifier:

Others who had tried it in all the previous qualifiers, with a great variety and number of drivers, were the german team ACR Zakspeed with the validated times of Adam Pinczes (1:33.363) and Michi Hoyer (1:33.382) who is also one of the the owners and founder.

And here his presentation profile:

ACR Zakspeed
Adam Pinczes
Michi Hoyer
Time Q4