Meet ASM Motorsport Simracing

Meet ASM Motorsport Simracing

Spanish company dedicated to the real motorsport, with design and manufacturer of rally and circuit cars, which opened this virtual section for simracing competitions in August. Despite its short life, almost all available simulators already cover. Now they just need to win.

We going to remember as was his performance in the fourth qualifier:

Going to qualified teams, we start with ASM Motorsport Simracing that after several attempts of many of its pilots, they achieved in the best way, getting into the TOP3. They have earned it spot thanks to Juan Carlos Fernández González (1:33.421) and Alejandro Enamorado (1:33.710), a regular guy of the TOP. Another spanish team of recent creation but that aims very good manners. From classification stage to the regular championship things will change a lot.

And here his presentation profile:

ASM Motorsport Simracing
Juan Carlos Fernández
Alejandro Enamorado
Time Q4