Meet EDGE eSports

Meet EDGE eSports

Founded in 2012, they are headquartered in Belgium and their values are focused on optimizing every small detail meticulously to get the best possible performance from their virtual vehicles. Many of their drivers have experience in real motorsports also.

We going to remember as was his performance in the fifth qualifier:

Those who have also proved to be a great team appearing every week in the TOP has been EDGE eSports. Their core values are captured in their own slogan: “simracing on the edge of adhesion”. Kevin Siggy, ex Positive Simracing driver, has led times of this team in this qualifier stage. The slovenian was the 3rd in the general scoring a 1:33.002, accompanied by the greek Jim Parisis with a 1:33.237 in 6th place, they have obtained this place for EDGE.

And here his presentation profile:

EDGE eSports
Kevin Siggy Rebernak
Jim Parisis
Time Q5