Meet GSR SimRacing Center

Meet GSR SimRacing Center

Simracing team of the GSR simulation center located outside of Milan. Together with the Musto and Netrex teams form the Italian navy in this competition, they know each other well. But competition has no colour.

We going to remember as was his performance in the sixth qualifier:

And be aware for the italians, who come to conquest ESL Racing MAPFRE. In first position, there were no surprises, and this attempt without incident the GSR Simracing Center (great friends of Musto Racing) will also be present with 3 amazing drivers: Giordano Valeriano, David Greco and Alessandro Fantinati. These last 2 have rolled in 32.7 and 32.6. Congratulazione!

And here his presentation profile:

GSR SimRacing Center
Alessandro Fantinati
David Greco
Time Q6