Preparations of Regular League

Preparations of Regular League

January 25th… vroom-vroom!!

That is the date what the 18 teams and all the simracing fans are waiting for, when regular stage of ESL Racing Series MAPFRE begins. It will have 6 races in total, taking place every friday evening. The goal is to finish among 8 first classified teams that will have access to the Grand Final. The competition for €18,000 in prizes is about to start.

The first try-out, like any real life driver in motorsport, will be a karting race. Each week will be a different category of vehicle and circuit, becoming more important to have a well-mixed team of different drivers where there is a specialist for each category or class. Also all together work for each car, being more demanding than if the same vehicle was the whole championship.

Regular League - Matchday 1
Paul Fletcher International Circuit
X30 UK Senior Kart
This inaugural race will be at the british circuit Paul Fletcher International and the drivers will take a seat in a X30 UK Senior Kart. In addition, rFactor 2 is known to be one of the best software on market that emulates this discipline.

There will be a preliminary qualification on thursdays, which will determine the position of the 36 drivers on the grid. It will be a 40-minute race, so the first step for the teams will be to arrive with options to get many points at the end of this race in the form of good positions. Although nothing will be decided here, since they expect another 5 interesting races ahead, any point will be worth their weight in gold, and remember that the goal of this stage is to be among first 8 after the six races to qualify for the Grand Final late March. And we predict that between being in the TOP 8 and being out, there will only be very few points of difference.

As a minimum, sparks will fly…