Meet S2V eSports

Meet S2V eSports

Army ROG Team was the first esports club own by the well-known hardware brand, ASUS. Now, under the name of S2V eSports, will be one of the most important national esports clubs, champions in other videogames, they are continuing their beginning in simracing as part of this championship. They will have one of the largest squads, which is a valious weapon here.

We going to remember as was his performance in the sixth qualifier:

Last spanish team, ARMY Racing Team has been an example of perseverance. Due to Carlos Quilez and Gio Cortese, who was the only spaniard down 33′ with his 1:32.863, they have made possible the celebration within their team; will be one of those that register the maximum of 8 allowed pilots. The most important esports clubs in Spain, are introducing little by little in this world of simracing.

And here his presentation profile:

S2V eSports
Gio Cortese
Carlos Quilez
Time Q6