The Regular League begins

The Regular League begins

Here is the countdown!

The national and international simracing starts the year with more force than ever. Next Friday we all will be aware of this first race. As we had announced, it will be a first test of karting, a discipline for which every real and virtual pilot must pass and must experience. It is going to be a very long race for the drivers, since they will find themselves at all times with a lot of traffic on track, remember that there will be up to 36 simracers on every race, but they will undoubtedly delight the spectators, with a very entertaining premiere ahead.

Finally the Kart Track A version of Atlanta Motorsports Park is the track for this, a perfect scenario for drivers to demonstrate their expertise at the wheel of the IAME X30 Senior.

Although there are favorites among the 18 teams, some arrive new to rFactor 2 while others have almost literally all their lives playing it, in this first race everything can happen, but of course, the points are the points, and all the races have the same value, to be one of the 8 best teams that passes to the grand final. Drivers will do their best. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Follow us, on Friday 25 from 20.00 in the afternoon in our ESL Racing Spain Twitch channel or Youtube channel of Movistar eSports.