Chronicle of first matchday from Regular Season

Chronicle of first matchday from Regular Season

ESL Racing Series MAPFRE just started its second stage, with first of the six races that will determine the finalist eight team, and it did with a very intense test in the karting track of Atlanta Motorsports Park. In it, 36 drivers beat themselves at the wheel of the X30 UK Senior for 40 minutes of action without break.

Estonian driver Risto Kappet, who started from pole, gave ACR Zakspeed the first victory after escaping at the start and leading all laps. Behind, Kevin Siggy Rebernak (Edge eSports) took the opportunity to overcome Yuri Kasdorp, having to defend himself in that same round of a counterattack attempt of the Dutchman from Veles team, who failed.

Without time to lose, Kappet stablished an unattainable rhythm, progressively opening a gap with Siggy that reached 6 seconds, and that would manage during the rest of the race. Edge’s Slovak, meanwhile, went out of his way in the next few laps to keep distance from a chasing group, in addition to Kasdorp, included the Bulgarian Peyo Peev (Alien Performance), who won two places in the opening laps and the spaniard Aday Coba (Vodafone Giants).

On the fourth lap, Kasdorp went long trying to pass Siggy, quickly losing position with Peev and Coba. After an unsuccessful overtaking attempt by Peev three laps later, all of them would engage in a long and static chase for more than half an hour. Nikodem Wisniewski tried to join them, who had won six positions with respect to his starting position, but the aim of Williams eSports driver was not very successful.

During the test, in addition to the retire of Jajovski that in addition to his problem at the start, collided with the tire barrier located after the first corner, there were numerous incidents in the second half of the grid, which resulted in various penalties, for all, many of these lapped drivers were reached by the leaders with just five minutes to go, creating the enough agitation to alter the race. This backmarkers were very difficult to pass, we saw Kappet reduce his advantage to only one second and a half.

Who suffer the consequences, however, was Siggy, who with three minutes to go was long to try to overcome one of the lapped drivers and lost the second place with Peev who overtake him. Aday Coba, unfortunately, could not take advantage of this incident, since, seconds later, he collided slightly with the kart of the accidented Gianfranco Giglioli (ATR Team Brask), having to defend against Kasdorp in the final moments. Finally, Risto Kappet crossed the finish line as the winner over Peyo Peev, a driver who had not participated in any of the qualifiers of the first qualifying stage, and Kevin Siggy, with Aday Coba and Yuri Kasdorp filling the top five.

After them, Nikodem Wisniewski and Joonas Raivio (Veles) had a less intense race in sixth and seventh position, but can not say the same of Oriol Bohé (MSI eSports), who went from leaving 15th to fight almost the entire race with Alejandro López (Alien Performance) for the eighth position. His duel ended in an incident on the final lap, which relegated Lopez to twelfth place, completing the top 10 Adam Pinczes, Kappet’s partner in ACR Zakspeed, and the Greek Jim Parisis (Edge eSports), who fixed his bad start.

With only this one disputed meeting, and in the absence of the stewards’ deliberation to update the final results as official, we have seen ACR Zakspeed lead the classification with 144 points, compared to 112 for Alien Performance and Veles, and 110 for Edge Esports, being these the four most outstanding teams of this first round by far. But there is still a lot of gas to burn, and the story will be completely different at Silverstone, where the protagonists on ESL Racing Series MAPFRE will have to compete in the second round at the wheel of a McLaren 720S, a totally different challenge.