Chronicle of sixth matchday from Regular Season

Chronicle of sixth matchday from Regular Season

Finally the last qualifying event in this regular stage in which only eight teams would have a spot for the final face-to-face in the MSI Institute, and after the last race in Sebring, the general standings will leave us a panorama to live a final breathtaker race. If we add to the tight classification a twisted layout like the Hong Kong ePrix and a treacherous Formula E driving, they will leave us the perfect ingredients for an imperfect storm. A storm that sooner leaves as first and clear victims, the MSI team.

The race started and while the winners avoided the incident, melee was loaded back in 7th position, where up to four drivers: Kuba Brzezinski (Williams), Pablo López (Vodafone Giants), Marc Pérez (MSI) and Alejandro López (Alien Performance) were in parallel to draw the first fork with this last being the clear trigger, after pass braking, touching the Giant and forcing the MSI to be crossed in the middle of the track. Most of the grid got save the incident and move the block except the own Marc Pérez, Alex López, which was also punished with a Stop&Go penalty for causing a collision and the second car of MSI, Victor Lobato, who went by the blocked side of the track and it was stopped completely.

The qualifying spot of the MSI team in the final was in danger, even with good income of points that they had regarding the eighth (60 points), in track were relegated to the last two positions while most of direct rivals, were in very good positions: Pablo López was in the 8th place, Dennis Jordan from Team Huanaco in 11th and David Greco of GSR in 12th, as the drvers more far in advance of their respective teams.

Ahead and contrary to the usual, more “quiet” area of the race, Kevin Siggy Rebernak (EDGE eSport) and Erhan Jajovski (Team VIRES) showed its superiority to the rest of the grid, increasing the differences concerning the tracker group, led by another Team Vires driver, Hany Alsabti, after a great start, which started fifth and went up to the third.

Laps were decreasing and incidents increasing, which there was and many, of all kinds and colors. The MSI team, although dying, catched some position in the tail of the platoon to ensure its advantage and its 7th place overall, so the fight for the bottom of the top 10 remained starring it teams that also were struggling to enter the single remaining spot that it guaranteed the arrival to the finals and those were Huanaco, GSR and Giants which was, at that moment, on the last qualifying position. Alien Performance, on the other hand, didn´t honor to his name and they were saying goodbye to the possibility to fight for the qualifying.

Without needing to realize any pit stop, the race was 40 minutes of resistance and sprint, and that better knew how to make things was Rebernak which gave victory to EDGE eSports, followed by Erhan Jajovski, which got the 2nd position and the MVP award of the season. Completing the podium the other driver of VIRES, Hany Alsabti. Great race also and without incident to Joonas Raivio (4th VELES) Peter Brljak (5th Netrex) Risto Kapet (6th ACR) and Daniel Kiss (7th Netrex) who, despite being in the front positions, not had the attention they deserved by the tough battle it was played by that 8 th position of the general and last to qualify.

Finally, it was the GSR team which, based on those last vital points, get the eighth and last spot of the general, which entitles to go to the finals, in the Motor Sport Institute, this next March 16. Final that it will be contesting the eigth fastest teams in a Grand Final to three races. Whatever happens there, something we must clear, thrill is insured.