Rediscovers to the finalists teams

Rediscovers to the finalists teams

We have seen great drivers in the past stage of the Regular League with six wonderful races. But, we already knew, that fate could only accommodate 16, belonging to the 8 best teams, these have been the following:

8º GSR Simracing Center

  • David Greco
  • Giordano Valeriano

Personal issues for Alessandro Fantinati it made that almost always we seen David and Giordano as a couple, and without doubt there is one of them who was outstanding, and that was David Greco, always earning so many points for the team, and achieving a meritorious 4th position in Race 3 in Zandvoort which finally is what made them be at the final and not Team Huanaco, with which they even ended up drawing points. Congratulazioni.


  • Marc Pérez
  • Oriol Bohé

Finally the only spanish representative team in these finals. They were quite regular and consistent, maybe one of the finalist teams with less previous experience in rFactor to begin with. They have adapted very well, with great performances against serious rivals. But beware, because they ended up with a scare due to that accidental first turn in Hong Kong, with so many points at stakes and another teams so close, but at the end, nothing to regret.


  • Nikodem Wisniewski
  • Kuba Brzezinski

Another inseparable couple in the championship, which practically have distributed the points of his team. The two polish drviers have translated their youth and nerve in each of the tracks. Once classification objective has been achieved, they will surely go up a gear more in search of higher levels for the big finals.


  • Yuri Kasdorp
  • Joonas Raivio

This team suffered a couple of races with poor results at Silverstone and Zandvoort, but they recovered and managed to counteract with other very good results in the rest of races. The dutch Yury Kasdorp has proven to be a driver to be considered, but beware because his teammate Joonas Raivio said “goodbye” at the wheel of Formula E with his best performance, we will see if the monoplaces cars are his favourite.


  • Petar Brljak
  • Daniel Kiss

This very veteran simracing team, without making so much noise has proved to be a very consistent team, with the croatian Petar Brljak driving at the highest level, best score 2nd place in Zandvoort. They have no lost their composture even when at first they were out of the TOP 8 and have managed to handle the situation at all times. This can be the great opportunity for them.


  • Risto Kappet
  • Adam Pinczes

Risto Kappet and his team started the regular season causing fear and looking like they were going to win it all. At the end, they end up as 3rd place, we do not know for sure if because their rivals get started or because they decided to raise a little bit their foot to secure spot for finals. But now, there is no room for doubts, saturday 16th we will know if ACR Zakspeed has everything to win, or not.


  • Kevin Siggy Rebernak
  • Jim Parisis

From less to more and always on the top. No team except EDGE can say that it has their two drivers inside TOP10 of almost all races. They will need something more if they want to get through the grand finals, but Kevin Siggy Rebernak was the last winner of this championship due to his victory in the last Formula E race. Let’s see where the regularity leads to this team. Only three races ahead.


  • Erhan Jajovski
  • Hany Alsabti

This team had the worst of the beginnings, but has had the best of the finals with the highest number of points and it is not a coincidence, as such a great simdrivers are on it, they are by own merits, the favorites. Already in regular season Hany got one victory, and Erhan won two times, proclaiming himself the “MVP” of the regular stage. Will they be able to reach another 3 victories in the MSI finals? Vini, vidi…

– All of them will fight this weekend for a jackpot of €18.000 in prizes