Day 1 Results of Season II Qualifier

Day 1 Results of Season II Qualifier

After the stewards could check the fastest laps made yesterday, those exceeding track limits were voided, and in this sense, among the riders that marked the 10 best times, it is worth mentioning Risto Kappet, whose lap of 1:26.813 was deleted, giving as valid his next best time 1:26.891, and Yuri Kasdorp, whose 1:26.990 lap vanished and his remaining best time remaining was 1:27.016.

A lap was validated to Erhan Jajovsky, after and appeal by his team, confirming it was a legal lap with his best time. In this way the best time of the day was obtained by Nuno Pinto, of Convex Simracing Team, who got a 1:26.828 lap, followed by Risto Kappet, of Team Vires, with 1:26.891 and his teammate Erhan Jajovski with 1:26.898.

In fourth place was Michele D’Alesandro, of Jean Alesi eSports Academy, and the fifth was for Peyo Peev, of Convex Simracing Team. The combined time obtained by Team Vires drivers, has allowed their team to be the first to achieve the direct pass for the Regular Phase by the narrow margin of 43 thousandths, as his two drivers had a combined time of 2:53,789 , against the 2:53,832 obtained by Convex Simracing Team.

These are the times of the 63 correctly registered drivers that drove yesterday:

It should be noted that there are still 14 drivers whose registration form does not include their main team, so their times have not been taken into account. There are also 11 riders who have marked a time, but we could not find their rFactor 2 nicks in any of the registration forms. Please, we insist that you check your registration and fill it in correctly so we can validate all the times.