Day 2 Results of Season II Qualifier

Day 2 Results of Season II Qualifier

The stewards had extra work this time, because they deleted more than half a hundred laps to drivers who decided that going down the track was slower than cutting it. 4 of them had all their laps deleted, Miguel Ballester, Ilias Fernandez and the two Williams drivers, Kevin Rotting and Bart Jansen, so this team failed to score any time.

David Serra had 13 laps deleted, and Jordi San Andrés and Joonas Raivio 3 laps each. Even Marc Pérez lost his fastest lap; what did not prevent his next time to be the best of the session, and with his 1:26.703 and 1:26.789 of Victor Lobato, got the pass to the Regular Phase for their team, MSI eSports. 72 hundredths separated them from the second classified, NetRex Grand Prix, with 1:26.709 from Daniel Kiss and 1:26.855 from Petar Brljak. A little more than a tenth away was Jean Alesi eSports Academy, with 1:26.816 from Michele D’Alessandro and 1:26.906 from Muhammed Patel. Team Singularity by Martin Drylund and Yuri Kasdorp, and World of Simracing Team by José Berenguer and Marco Rodríguez completed the quintet.

We hope that the drivers do not try to get times jumping off track limits, because the stewards do not hesitate to cancel them.

The times of the 57 correctly registered drivers driving yesterday are the following:

It should be noted that there are still 10 drivers whose registration form does not include their main team, so their times have not been taken into account. There are also 7 drivers who have marked a time, but we could not find their rFactor 2 nicks in any of the registration forms.

The number of drivers who have not completed their registration correctly has been reduced, but there are still some who should do it as soon as possible.