Day 4 Results of Season II Qualifier

Day 4 Results of Season II Qualifier

Two Italian teams vied the pass to the Regular Phase on the fourth day of the Qualifying Phase, with a shorter number of deleted laps, but it has to be highlighted on this aspect alvarosbenjamin92, from R70 Thrustmaster, who saws the deletion of his best 8 laps, leaving his time 8 seconds slower than if he had drove correctly. Ricardo Silva06 and J. Celestino, of S2V Racing, lost 4 laps each and Pochochu, of Vanguard and Fernando Alvarez, of KIYF DC eRacing had their two best laps deleted. Half a dozen more drivers lost their best time, but in general most of the drivers drove right laps, and their run off were involuntary.

The first 5 qualified made clean laps and the fastest was Michele D’Alessandro, with 1:26.588, who with a 1:26.684 of Muhammed Patel, get the pass for Jean Alesi eSports Academy, with 2:53.272, ahead of NetRex Grand Prix, which stayed with 2:53.434 thanks to 1:26.668 of Petar Brljak and 1:26.766 of Daniel Kiss.

A little more than a tenth was World of Sim Racing Team, which repeats third position with its 2:53.578, gaining 2 tenths with respect to yesterday’s time, by 1:26.691 of Jordi San Andrés and 1:26.887 of José Berenguer. The fourth position was for KIYF DC eRacing that yesterday was fifth, and could have obtained a better result if not had suffered the cancellation of 2 laps to Fernando Alvarez, although Tiago Carvalho maintained the rhythm of yesterday. The fastest teams quintet closes today with Vodafone Giants with Aday Coba and Sergio Ignacio.

The times of the 44 drivers correctly registered participating yesterday were the following:

4 drivers participated in this session whose registration form does not include their main team, so their times have not been taken into account. Also 8 drivers marked a time, but we could not find their rFactor 2 nicks in any of the registration forms.