Day 5 Results of Season II Qualifier

Day 5 Results of Season II Qualifier

In general, the times of the day clearly improved, to the point that the 21 fastest drivers managed to get below the 1:27, something that on the first day only 4 drivers were able to do. However, this time the number of laps that the stewards have had to cancel due to cutting outside the limits of the track has increased notably, but that is something we will refer to at the end.

The team that today is already in the Regular Phase is NetRex Grand Prix, with its 2:53.205, which is the sum of the times of Daniel Kiss, 1:26.582 and Petar Brljak, 1:26.623. Jordi San Andrés placed himself between both drivers, and with his personal record to date of 1:26.618 and 1:26.736 from his teammate José Berenguer, they put World of Simracing Team in second position.

The third place went to the Danish Team Singularity, who has obtained a total time of 2:53.492, with two very close individual times, since Martin Drylund got a 1:26.742 and Jordy Zwiers stayed at 8 thousandths behind with his 1:26.750.

The fastest two drivers of the KIYF DC eRacing made their team finished in fourth place, thanks to the achievement of Tiago Calvalho, with the fifth fastest individual time of the day, and Fernando Alvarez, followed by the Williams JIM eSports team, which led this time Kevin Rotting and Bart Jansen.

The times of the 44 drivers correctly registered participating yesterday were the following:

It should be noted that today there were 3 drivers with all their laps deleted for cutting the track, Ricardo Silva, of S2V Racing and ColdBlood and Pablo Cortel, of Ciañu Team Racing CTR. To alvarosbenjamin92, of R70 Thustmaster the stewards deleted its 6 better times, and 9 more drivers found they’ve lost between one and two lap times. Curiously, none of the drivers with the best 15 times had to get canceled any of their times.

Special mention for Pablo Cortel who had been deleted about 20 laps, because he kept trying again and again to cut the track at the second corner. So much has been his insistence that we are going to try to clarify him the subject.

In this image we can see his car circulating where he has drove it in all his laps, maybe the curbs distracted him and he thought the track was wider, or maybe he was waiting for a signal to indicate him that he had left the right path, but the truth is that the stewards have spent a busy night deleting each one of his laps in which, insistently, he cut, trying to achieve a time that he will never be able to get. Pablo, please, take in mind that all laps are checked later.

4 drivers participated in this session whose registration form does not include their main team, so their times have not been taken into account. Also another 4 drivers marked a time, but we could not find their rFactor 2 nicks in any of the registration forms.