Day 6 Results of Season II Qualifier

Day 6 Results of Season II Qualifier

The sixth day of the Qualifying Phase kept the uncertainty until the end, with leaders changing during the time in which the drivers marked their times and then, when the stewards analyzed the laps, resulting that the three drivers who was provisionally in the lead, Jordy Zweirs, Tiago Carvalho and Bart Jansen suffered the cancellation of their 4, 1 and 1 best laps respectively.

However, the next best lap of Tiago Carvalho, 1:26.668 was the fastest of the night, and with the third one achieved by Fernando Alvarez, 1:26.742, they give the pass to the Regular Phase to KIYF DC eRacing with a combined time of 2:53.410. They were followed by Vodafone Giants that have appeared at the end of this Phase, but come with strength, with 2:53.585, from the individual times of Aday Coba, 1:26.730 and Pablo López, 1:26.855 keeping both their laps intact.

The third place went to the Danish Team Singularity, who obtained a total time of 2:53.646, with the lap of by Martin Drylund in his best attempt, 1:26.770 and Jordy Zwiers in his fifth best lap, 1:26.876, after that his four faster ones were deleted.

Only 10 thousandths away were the two fastest drivers of the Williams JIM eSports team, Bart Jansen and Kevin Rotting, who marked the same time, after a fastest lap deleted to the first one, followed by the Asombik eSports team, led by David Serra and Illias Fernández.

The times of the 44 drivers correctly registered participating yesterday were the following:

2 drivers participated in this session whose registration form does not include their main team, so their times have not been taken into account, and also another 2 marked a time, but we could not find their rFactor 2 nicks in any of the registration forms.