Day 7 Results of Season II Qualifier

Day 7 Results of Season II Qualifier

Nobody could have dreamed a tighter end, 26 drivers in three tenths, of which 13 were in a single tenth and 7 of them in only 15 thousandths, and 15 drivers matched time with another, and only 4 laps were deleted among the 33 fastest drivers, with another 14 deleted laps that were shared by 3 well known names for the stewards, ricardo silva06 with 7 laps, José Javier Gómez, with 4 and Pablo Cortel with 3. This has been the day with fewer laps deleted.

The fastest driver of the day was Chris Shepherd, with 1:26.641, and together with 1:26.734 of Tobias Olsson they get the pass to the Regular Phase to the Canadian team TCS Off Racing, with a combined time of 2:53.375. He was followed by Aday Coba with 1:26.691, and Pablo López followed Tobias, with 1:26.742, and his Vodafone Giants team was second, with 2:53.433.

The third place was, for the third day in a row, for the Danish Team Singularity, who achieved a total time of 2:53.469, with the one obtained by Jordy Zwiers in his best attempt, 1:26.727 and Martin Dyrlund with 1:26.742, and this time all the laps of the team were legal.

A couple of hundredths were the two fastest drivers of team Asombik eSports, who led David Serra and Alejandro Enamorado, followed by Williams JIM eSports, with Bart Jansen and Kevin Rotting, exchanging both teams the positions in which they finished the previous day.

The times of the 46 drivers correctly registered participating yesterday were the following:

The other focus of the day was on knowing which four Spanish teams would get their pass to the Regular Phase, by having the best sum of the times of two of their drivers over these seven days. The mystery was decided in the last two days, since it was then when they have done 18 of the 32 best times that appear in this table in which the four classified teams appear on green background:

1 driver took part on this last session whose registration form does not include his main team, so their times have not been taken into account, and also another 3 marked a time, but we could not find their rFactor 2 nicks in any of the registration forms.