ESL Racing Series MAPFRE Season 2 Regular Phase starts on June 1st

ESL Racing Series MAPFRE Season 2 Regular Phase starts on June 1st

ESL and MAPFRE announce that the ESL Racing Series Second Season’s Regular Phase will begin on June 1. The Regular Phase of this second season, sponsored by MAPFRE, Movistar, Samsung and Michelin, will have 6 rounds that will be live every Saturday from June 1st at 19:00 (except for the first round, which will be at 18:00). It will be broadcast live on ESL Spain’s Racing channel in Twitch. In addition, it can also be experienced in high quality, through the YouTube channel of Movistar eSports and the Facebook profile of ESL Spain.

Qualified teams

To reach this Regular Phase, more than 140 pilots have competed in an open qualifier that took place from April 29th to May 5th. Eleven teams have come out of this qualifying, in addition to the three invited teams that made it into de podium invited in the first season: EDGE eSports, ACR (Avid Chronic Racing) and WILLIAMS eSports.

Every day, the team with the best time got one of the places. At the end of the week, with 7 teams already classified, the remaining four places have been awarded to the four national teams that have set the best times throughout the whole qualifier.

These have been classified for this new season:


  • EDGE eSports
  • ACR (Avid Chronic Racing)
  • WILLIAMS eSports


  • Day 1: Team Vires
  • Day 2: MSi eSports
  • Day 3: x6tence
  • Day 4: Jean Alesi eSports Academy
  • Day 5: NetRex Grand Prix
  • Day 6: KIYF DC eRacing
  • Day 7: TCS Off Racing
  • Spanish teams:
    • World of Simracing Team
    • Vodafone Giants
    • Asombik eSports
    • WILLIAMS Jim eSports

Competition format

During the Regular Phase, the 14 qualified teams will compete on six different circuits that will travel around the world and test the drivers' skills. In addition, they will have to race three different cars over the six days: Corvette CSRGT2, Renault Megane Trophy and EVE Historics F1.

The 6 best teams from the Regular Phase will arrive at the Grand Final, which will take place in July. Another novelty of this season is that the number of drivers who can be part of the team is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.


As it happened in the first season, «Alfonso Rodríguez @FonsoCN» and «Adrián Fernández @adrianfm94» will be the casters in charge of transmitting all the emotion of each race. They are joined by «Sergio Perela @sperela» as host, a well-known face within the esports and SimRacing sector.

The Regular Phase of this rFactor2 League, ESL Racing Series MAPFRE, will be broadcast live from 19:00 on ESL Spain’s Twitch channel, created specifically to host all of the company’s SimRacing competitions, Movistar eSports’ YouTube channel and ESL Spain’s Facebook profile.

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