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Championship qualifying format

21.2. From that moment and until 72 hours before the race, the qualifying will be open to establish the grid, by means of Hotlaps in which the drivers will mark as many times as they want.


What is the reasoning behind such a format? What benefit do you see?

I encourage all competitors to say their opinion about this and I say my own - 72h of hotlapping is painful for the drivers and also unrealistic.

I am maybe one of the drivers who has most free time in hand to practice, but I still say that such a format will bias benefit to those who have the hours to just hotlap, completing maybe 5 laps in 100 to get that 0.1 and 5 positions on the grid. This will alter the approach and style of the drivers, diminishing racecraft and so on. On a normal qualifying session, the driver might have done 1000 practice laps for qualifying, but will still be under pressure to replicate it in 15-30 minutes, and that takes skill, that is realistic, thats how it should be.

As we are using rFactor 2 simulator platform, hopefully we can strive towards realism in each aspect.

It could be perfect doing the qualifying session, before the race, as it's done in many simracing competitions, or even on friday late evening, so it wouldn't be a problem for drivers having any other occupation in life (a job, studies, etc.), but the broadcasting team asked to have all data not after the wednesday at 20:00 hours.

Having to comply with this demand, and as drivers in the first edition of the ESL Mapfre Racing Series asked to have more time to test the car and the track before every race, we coul have done a one hour qualifyng sessión on wednesdays at 19:00 hours, so both demands were attended.

But having to qualify at this time could be a problem for a number of drivers, so Hotlaps were the only solution to:

- Have the broadcasting team happy with their qualy-results on time.

- Have first edition drivers happy with time enough to practice the car and the track.

- Have the busy drivers happy as the won't need to invent excuses for their chiefs every wednesday evening.

The collateral damages are:

- Lost pressure on drivers to have a nice qualifyng session.

- Too many chances for drivers in a part of the race where skills have to be the best value.

- Risto Kappet (and the person who writes this post) are sad as we would have never choose this system, but this is life and we have to adapt to what we find.


Ok I understand, considering the Media it makes sense.

Thank you for the explanation.

How about making the qualifying like last year - everyone is limited to 15 timed laps, but session lasts 72h instead of 24h? That would reduce collateral damage with no loss of positives?