Betting on Car Racing and Its Features

Betting on any sport is associated with adrenaline and excitement. Breakthrough speeds, tight corners, collisions, the smell of burnt rubber, crowds of roaring fans, and lucrative odds on bets – it’s all about car racing. Let’s learn more about the history of this spectacular sport.

History of the Development of Car Racing

The whole world of motorsport owes its appearance to two talented German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. At the end of the 19th century, they independently worked on improving the design of the internal combustion engine. They sought to create a car that would be easy to drive and more powerful than horses, which would free people from hard work and allow more time for creativity.
In 1884, the first car championship in history was organized. The length of the distance was at that time 126 kilometers, which was far from feasible for all cars of that time. Along with vehicles running on an internal combustion engine, cars with steam engines took part, which was noticeably inferior in power. The world’s first race was won by cars manufactured by Panard-Levassor and the Peugeot auto concern, which at that time were equipped with engines of as much as 4 horsepower, which was unprecedented progress for that time.

The fever of car competitions very quickly captured the hearts and minds of engineers, auto designers and just betting enthusiasts and gamblers. Already in 1895, the first automobile races were held according to modern rules, created under the auspices of the French Automobile Club, which exists to this day. The length of the auto competition was 1200 kilometers, which took 100 hours to overcome. The famous engineer and designer, Emil Levassor, won this championship in a car of his own production, Pannar-Levassor. He covered the entire distance in a record 48 hours and 48 minutes at an average car speed of 25 kilometers per hour leaving his competitors far behind.
To participate in these competitions, the cars were fitted with innovative pneumatic tires designed by André Michelin, who himself took part in the races. As we can see, a huge number of enthusiastic engineers started with the design of prototype speed cars and took part in the competition themselves. The names of Michelin, Levassor and other engineers have entered the history of the automotive industry forever.
Soon a wave of motorsport spread to other European countries. Competitions were held throughout England, Germany, the United States of America, and Italy. Already in those days, betting on motorsport championships became common and brought profit to many betting enthusiasts of that time.

A landmark moment in the development of auto racing was the abolition of the law on the “red flag”. The fact is that the first motorsport competitions were extremely traumatic despite the low speed of movement, due to the fact that the vehicles were difficult to control and people often took to the roadway without fear of a new type of transport. In this regard, in 1865, the “red flag” law was passed, according to which a person with a red flag had to walk in front of the racing car, signaling the approach of the vehicle and limiting its speed to 4 miles per hour. In 1896, in connection with the improvement of road safety measures and the development of engines, the law was repealed, which was greeted with enthusiasm by all motorists of that time. General joy provoked a spontaneous motor race, which took place on the day the law was repealed in 1896. The event took place on the route London – Brighton without rewarding the winners as it was spontaneous and heralded a new era in motorsport competitions.

Types of Modern Car Racing

Bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on various types of competitions from elite races on specially designed vehicles to eSports motorsport online! Let’s look at the most popular types of motorsport championships among bettors.

Choose Your Favorite Race and Win!

If you are a fan of the smell of gasoline and burnt tires, then you can choose one of the motorsport competitions held on real tracks and watch the success of the drivers and their teams. Follow the standings and statistics before placing bets. For a younger audience, many bookmakers provide an opportunity to bet on eSports, including racing. In such events, you can not only take part as a bettor but also try yourself as a driver. All you need is to register on the site and practice a little. The future has arrived! Choose your path in betting and win!