Virtual events – the New Generation of Car Racing

At one time, the internal combustion engine revolutionized the ordinary course of things forever and gave the world car racing. The 21st century was marked by a technological revolution and the widespread of the Internet. More and more young people are addicted to video games and placing bets on them.

At the moment, many eSports organizations take part in various competitions in various online games, the most popular for betting of which are: Dota 2, StarCraft, CS: GO, HearthStone and others.
Auto racing also did not stay away from the newfangled trend. At the moment, there are several competitions in classic and modified car championships, which are also available for betting among bookmakers. Let’s take a look at the most popular esports events and evaluate their profitability for bettors.

The Most Popular Virtual Car Racing

In 2021, the Olympic Committee added electronic car racing to the list of competitive disciplines of the Olympiad. Racers competed in May 2021 on the basis of the Gran Turismo simulator. International recognition testifies to the growing demand for such events. Already today, many bookmakers provide their services for betting on virtual car competitions. We have prepared for you a list of the most popular car events in the world of eSports.

Virtual Formula 1 – the most famous auto racing competition in the world, naturally did not stand aside and holds online racing championships based on its own developed F1 2019 simulator. Famous formula drivers Charles Leclerc and Jenson Button took part in the events. Bets on such competitions are accepted by bookmakers on a par with real championships. The duration of the stage of such events is 1 hour 30 minutes, which is suitable for betting in LIVE mode.

All-Star Esports Battle is a spectacular virtual car competition that has various formats. Active pilots and e-sportsmen participate in such events. The main event is the Legends Cup, where real famous pilots compete, such as Jacques Villeneuve, Dario Franchitti, Juan Pablo Montoya, and others. The championships are held on the basis of the rFactor 2 simulator. A feature of the competition is the ability to watch the event using the driver’s webcam while placing bets!

IndyCar Iracing Challenge – another legendary car competition embodied in virtual reality. Active drivers from Indycar and Nascar take part in the championship. The duration of the event is about 2 hours, which attracts many bettors to play in LIVE mode. The broadcast of these events is as close as possible to real competitions. Professional commentators, an anthem playing before the start of the ride, and even collisions on the track help to recreate the atmosphere of a real championship. Esports competitions are held using the simulator iRacing.
ESL Racing Series MAPFRE is a virtual event created by the esports giant ESL, held in Madrid. More than 30 participants compete for a cash prize in electronic competitions based on the driving simulator rFactor 2.

Virtual Races Bring Real Money!

Discover the world of eSports and it will not leave you indifferent. Everything that is typical of real races – excitement, speed, and collisions are presented in virtual counterparts. Betting on such events is sometimes more lucrative than betting on real money due to the ever-increasing hype around the world of esports.