Comparison of Virtual and Real Car Races

In the 21st century, the eSports movement is gaining more and more popularity. In 2021, esports disciplines were even included in the official program of the Olympic Games. At the moment, more and more bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on events in the world of eSports.

Many fans of betting and car racing do not like such innovations. Let’s try together to figure out whether it is worth succumbing to the general passion for electronic sports or whether it is worth staying on the sidelines.

How are Virtual Races Similar to Real Ones?

Modern technologies of augmented reality sometimes amaze the imagination. The technical means used in the creation of modern racing simulators make it possible to recreate the driving process as fully as possible.

Way of control – on such popular racing simulators as iRacing and Asseto Corsa, the control is made as close as possible to real competitions. Management is carried out using the steering wheel and pedals, which transmit information to the interactive display. The racer participating in races on such simulators feels the vibration of the steering wheel and collisions, allowing you to achieve maximum immersion in the process. Thus, when betting on virtual events, you need to take into account all the same factors as in regular championships – namely, the characteristics of the car, the tracks, and the qualifications of the pilot.

Spectacularity – The graphics of simulations allow you to recreate the drive and spectacle of actual competitions. Professional commentators are involved in holding eSports championships. In the near future, it will be impossible to determine which is the real competition, and which is just a simulation.

Weather is one of the main factors. In the latest driving simulators, it is possible to recreate certain weather conditions that will directly affect the driving process.

Pilot Skills – There is an opinion that an electronic racer cannot match the driving skills of an actual racer. Many champions of virtual competitions later became successful participants in real events. For example, Ian Marderborough, an esportsman who won the GT Academy later became a real pilot for the Nismo team. Thus, we have the opportunity to equally evaluate the success of the racers and place bets on these events without separating electronic competitions from real ones.

Differences between Virtual Racing and Real

Naturally, the virtual world, although similar to the material one, has a number of significant differences. Let’s see what differences electronic championships have from actual car competitions.
No harmful emissions into the atmosphere – a car competition is often associated with a large amount of exhaust, burnt rubber, and accidents. All this can be avoided using driving simulators.
Lack of risk – for fans of extreme sports, this feature is decisive. Many people like to tickle their nerves watching dangerous turns and collisions and placing bets.

Stay On-trend and Win

As you can see, electronic events are not fundamentally different from material ones, providing us with the same opportunities for successful betting on car races. If you value safety, care about the environment and strive to keep up with the times, then betting on virtual events is definitely your choice.